Brain pathology recapitulates physiology: A network meta-analysis.

Vanasse, T. J., Fox, P. T., Fox, P. M., Cauda, F., Costa, T., Smith, S. M., Eickhoff, S. B., & Lancaster, J. L.
Mar 8, 2021

Communications Biology, 4, Article 301.

Network architecture is a brain-organizational motif present across spatial scales from cell assemblies to distributed systems. Structural pathology in some neurodegenerative disorders selectively afflicts a subset of functional networks, motivating the network degeneration hypothesis (NDH). Recent evidence suggests that structural pathology recapitulating physiology may be a general property of neuropsychiatric disorders. To test this possibility, we compared functional and structural network meta-analyses drawing upon the BrainMap database. The functional meta-analysis included results from >7,000 experiments of subjects performing >100 task paradigms; the structural meta-analysis included >2,000 experiments of patients with >40 brain disorders. Structure-function network concordance was high: 68% of networks matched (pFWE < 0.01), confirming the broader scope of NDH.