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Screening Soldiers for Propensity to PTSD


February 15, 2012

What makes some people for susceptible to PTSD and others resilient against it? This in-depth feature by the science news Web site Elements includes an interview with STRONG STAR investigator Douglas Williamson, PhD, about his study examining genetic and environmental influences on PTSD susceptibility. (Link to story no longer available.)

Military Matters: The Search for a PTSD Cure

KCEN-TV, Central Texas

February 5, 2012

Can PTSD be cured? Many people have doubts, but KCEN-TV news anchor Doug Currin talks with STRONG STAR Consortium Director, Dr. Alan Peterson, about ongoing studies with treatments that hold great promise for helping service members recover from the invisible wounds of war. (Link to story no longer available.)

Researcher Seeks Better Understanding of PTSD in Soldiers Returning from War

Texas Public Radio

January 6, 2012

According to research, with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of veterans are left to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. But a study is trying to get to the bottom of better understanding PTSD and how patients can be helped. (Link to story no longer available.)

PTSD Study Reaches Out to Fort Hood Soldiers

YNN-TV, Waco

January 4, 2012

Thanks to new research, Fort Hood soldiers can get help for posttraumatic stress disorder and improve understanding of how best to treat PTSD among active duty service members. The research now underway is driven by a multidisciplinary partnership called STRONG STAR led by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (Link to story no longer available.)

Stressed out rats help San Antonio scientists study PTSD

KENS-TV, San Antonio

December 15, 2011

Posttraumatic stress disorder affects thousands of troops. Now, San Antonio scientists are using a new approach to find ways to help people suffering from this disabling problem, as they look at the biology of PTSD and the role that early life stressors play in its development. (Link to story no longer available.)

Studies at Fort Hood Target PTSD

Killeen Daily Herald

September 19, 2011

A committee with the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences visited Fort Hood Sept. 15-16 to learn about the post’s research on the treatment of PTSD, and they learned that STRONG STAR makes Fort Hood the top military installation in the country for this vital effort. (Link to story no longer available.)

Predicting the Psychological Wounds of War

Science Magazine

July 29, 2011

A STRONG STAR study examining genetic and environmental influences on PTSD susceptibility is highlighted as one of several important ongoing efforts to identify and help service members at greatest risk.

STRONG STAR on “Fort Hood Spotlight”

Fort Hood Radio/Fort Hood Public Affairs Office

May 27, 2011

STRONG STAR’s Director of Research at Fort Hood, Dr. Elisa Borah, sits down with “Fort Hood Spotlight” host Darryl Leonard to discuss how Fort Hood Soldiers can get help for PTSD through STRONG STAR. The interview includes information on how to tell if someone might have PTSD, the innovative treatment programs being offered on post through STRONG STAR research programs, and how to inquire about participation in one of these programs. 

Bioscience Breakthroughs: STRONG STAR Combats PTSD

Texas Public Radio

March 11, 2011

Texas Public Radio’s KSTX 89.1 FM has developed “Bioscience Breakthroughs” as a special series of new segments highlighting innovations from San Antonio’s bioscience and medical community. The second series of “Bioscience Breakthroughs” was produced by TPR News Director David Martin Davies to air throughout the day from March 21 to April 1, 2011, and included a spotlight on March 28 on the breakthrough research being conducted by the STRONG STAR Multidisciplinary PTSD Research Consortium. (Link to story no longer available.)

STRONG STAR featured on “Fort Hood on Track”

Fort Hood Public Affairs Office

February 10, 2011

Fort Hood on Track” host Angie Malone and STRONG STAR Consortium Director Dr. Alan Peterson discuss STRONG STAR, how it is working to prevent and treat combat-related PTSD, and the variety of studies being conducted at Fort Hood. The interview highlights how combat veterans at Fort Hood can benefit from STRONG STAR’s treatment studies and how they can get involved. 

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