Strong Families Support & Prevention Program for Military & Veterans

Programs offer support to enhance family resilience, therapy for trauma recover

Could your family use some extra support to help you through a military-related transition or separation? Do you or does a loved one need help coping with and recovering from a traumatic experience? STRONG STAR’s Strong Families Support and Prevention Program is available to help you.

Located in the Shoemaker Center at Fort Cavazos in Killeen, Texas, the Strong Families program supports military and veteran families through two tracks of services, all provided free of charge thanks to grant funding and private donations:

Prevention Track: Our Strong Families Prevention Track provides prevention and support services during stressful military-related transitions or separations. Your family does not have to be experiencing “problems” in order to benefit from the Strong Families Prevention Track. While many families use this program to help cope and get support with the distress related to the military transitions, for other families, it is a comforting “check in” even if things are going well. In our prevention track, you will work with your partner/coparent to best support your whole family, with an emphasis on enhancing communication, emotional connection, and effective coparenting.

Trauma-Focused Track: Our Trauma-Focused track provides gold-standard, evidence-based, trauma-focused therapy for military service members, veterans, and military spouses, with an emphasis on not only reducing symptoms of PTSD, but also improving whole family communication, emotional connection, and effective coparenting. Because we know that posttraumatic stress impacts the whole family, the program is meant to help military personnel and their partners heal from traumatic experiences, thus improving their parenting experiences and relationships with their child(ren), partner, and family. We have options for individual, couple, and group treatment modalities.

Who is a “good fit” for Strong Families?

  • If you are a military service member, veteran, or military spouse; have a child; and are anticipating, currently going through, or recently went through a military-related transition or separation, you may be a good fit for our Prevention Track. Examples of military-related transitions or separations include but are not limited to deployments, TDYs, military trainings, retirement, or separation from the military.
  • If you are a service member, veteran, or military spouse; are experiencing problems with posttraumatic stress; and are interested in improving your symptoms for both the wellbeing of yourself and your family, you may be a good fit for our Trauma-Focused Track.

To inquire, call our clinic at 254-289-3468.

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