VERIFY | Can magnesium really help you sleep?

Feb 17, 2024

Sleep affects every aspect of our lives from the home, to work, school and random interactions with other people. Nearly 70 million Americans have some kind of sleep disorder. Insomnia is number one with 30 percent of adults experiencing it, at least short term. One out of every 10 people is said to suffer from chronic insomnia. In this segment of Verify, KENS-5 looks into a natural sleep aid that is all the rage — magnesium — and asks if it can really help. For the answer, they consult with Vincent Mysliwiec, MD, professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, an expert in sleep medicine and a collaborating investigator with the STRONG STAR Consortium.

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Veterans face stigma over PTSD: ‘Something that we as a country need to overcome’

San Antonio Report
Nov 11, 2023

Following attendance of the San Antonio Combat PTSD Conference hosted by STRONG STAR and UT Health San Antonio, Shari Biediger reports on how the psychological wounds of war can linger long after military service, as well on advances that have been made in treatments and chances of recovery.

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Hearing ‘Thank you for your service’ makes most young veterans uncomfortable, poll says

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Nov 11, 2023

Leaders of a USAA-led initiative called “Face the Fight,” including STRONG STAR investigator Katy Dondanville, PhD, of UT Health San Antonio, encourage us to “go beyond small talk” and connect with veterans on a deeper level to show our appreciation and lend support.

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“Go Beyond Thanks:” New Survey Reveals We Should Do More Than Simply Thank Our Veterans for Their Service

AP News/PR Newswire
Nov 09, 2023

As the nation prepares to observe Veterans Day this year, USAA hopes to challenge the nation to go beyond simple gratitude to create real, positive impacts in the veteran community. The news release includes comment by STRONG STAR investigator and UT Health San Antonio faculty member Katy Dondanville, PsyD.

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A human condition: the PTSD diagnosis through the years

Texas Public Radio
Nov 02, 2023

Post-traumatic stress disorder, once viewed with skepticism in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, has evolved into a widely accepted condition, shedding light on the traumas that define human experience. TPR’s Carson Frame spoke with Dr. Terence Keane, director of the National Center for PTSD-Behavioral Sciences Division, about that shift, beginning with the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study. Their conversation was in advance of Dr. Keane’s keynote address at the 8th Annual San Antonio Combat PTSD Conference, presented by the STRONG STAR Consortium and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

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50 years since the Vietnam war: PTSD and how far we’ve come in treatments

News 4 San Antonio/WOAI-TV
Oct 18, 2023

Covering the 2023 San Antonio Combat PTSD Conference presented by the STRONG STAR Consortium and UT Health San Antonio, News 4 reporter Mariza Mendoza speaks with STRONG STAR Director Dr. Alan Peterson about how our understanding and treatment of PTSD has advanced since the Vietnam War ended 50 years ago. U.S. Navy Veteran Hakim Mathis also shares his story of recovery from PTSD after receiving evidence-based treatment and encourages other veterans to seek the help if needed.

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Commentary: Face the fight in ending veteran suicides in America

San Antonio Express-News
Sep 29, 2023

This commentary outlines the importance of Face the Fight, a veteran suicide prevention initiative launched this summer, by USAA, the Humana Foundation and Reach Resilience, an Endeavors Foundation. A coalition of corporations, foundations and nonprofits are supporting the effort, including the STRONG STAR Training Initiative based at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

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If you have recurring nightmares, therapy can help you prevent and rewrite them to get a good night’s sleep

Sep 25, 2023

Even if you can’t always remember your dreams, research suggests we all have them. But sometimes our dreams can turn into nightmares. While most people experience the occasional nightmare, about 4% of US adults suffer from nightmare disorder, research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found. This condition causes frequent bad dreams that wreak havoc on a person’s sleep and daily life.

In this article, sleep experts, including STRONG STAR invesigator Kristi Pruiksma, PhD, of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, explain nightmare causes and treatments.

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Research roundup: Adapting evidence-based treatments for adults with PTSD

American Psychological Association
Aug 18, 2023

This APA Research Roundup features a spotlight on recently published research by STRONG STAR investigators. See article subhead “Patients with PTSD prefer in-home (i.e., old-fashioned “house calls”) psychotherpay more so than telehealth or in the office”

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How USAA’s Face the Fight Is Building a Coalition to Combat Veteran Suicide
Jul 13, 2023

Although veteran suicide rates have declined slightly since 2018, they are still alarming: 16 veterans die by suicide every day, a rate 57% higher than the larger American population. In response, USAA has launched Face the Fight, a coalition of philanthropic foundations, veteran-oriented non-profits and corporations that are pooling resources in a nationwide, concerted effort to cut veteran suicide rates in half by 2030. This article explains more about the initiative, including insight from Katy Dondanville, PsyD, who leads an external advisory committee of subject-matter experts. Dr. Dondanville is associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and director of the STRONG STAR Training Initiative.