Assessment and treatment of combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder: Results from STRONG STAR and the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD.

Peterson, A. L., Niles, B. L., Young-McCaughan, S., & Keane, T. M.
Feb 16, 2021

In N. Gorbunov (Ed.), Military Medicine. InTech Open.

Extensive research has been conducted since 11 September 2001 to develop and evaluate evidence-based treatments for combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in active duty United States military personnel treated in the combat theater and in garrison. This chapter reviews the results of 20 PTSD clinical trials funded by the United States Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs on the treatment of combat-related PTSD. All of the studies were conducted under the leadership and management of two research consortia: the South Texas Research Organizational Network Guiding Studies on Trauma and Resilience (STRONG STAR) Consortium and the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD.