Psychiatric aeromedical evacuations: Clinical characteristics of deployed U.S. military personnel during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Baker, M. T., Anderson, S. R., Arant-Daigle, D., Cigrang, J. A., Young-McCaughan, S., Johnson, L., & Peterson, A. L. (2017).
Jan 4, 2017

Military Behavioral Health, 5, 178-188.

Data were collected from a subset of psychiatric aeromedical evacuation cases from combat theater. Demographic characteristics, the prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder, and the presence of any prior mental health history were examined. This sample was predominantly male ages 21–30 years, enlisted, and active-duty service members in the U.S. Army. The most prevalent mental health diagnoses were anxiety and mood disorders. Participants scoring near the mean on the PTSD Checklist—Military Version were approximately three times more likely to report a positive mental health history compared with participants who did not endorse any items.

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