The Evaluation and Treatment of Comorbid Pain and PTSD in a Military Setting: An Overview

McGeary, D., Moore, M., Vriend, C. A., Peterson, A. L., & Gatchel, R. J.
May 28, 2011

Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 18, Article 155.

The present article reviews the growing prevalence of comorbid pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the military. This has been caused by the ongoing military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, where new combat conditions/strategies are causing these comorbid conditions. Fortunately, comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment programs, originally developed for a civilian population and in academic settings, are being successfully “translated” or utilized in the military environment. Recent data demonstrating this translational clinical intervention are presented. Finally, challenges encountered when translating these interventions in a military environment are also discussed.

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